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Industry 4.0 and SolidWorld GROUP at Technology Hub

Industry 4.0 and SolidWorld GROUP at Technology Hub, an immersion in technology to discover the various elements and applications of the fourth industrial revolution within production processes

An immersion in technology, to discover the multiple elements and applications of Industry 4.0 within production processes

The best path of digital manufacturing

At the Technology Hub event, dedicated to innovative technologies recently held at the MiCo Congress Center in Milan, SolidWorld GROUP showcased in its booth, with the contribution of all the companies within the group, the three-dimensional digital workflow of the production cycle for Industry 4.0. Today, this is the path, the only path, that manufacturing companies can and must take to achieve the highest possible efficiency in turning an idea into reality and competing globally with revolutionary products that have strong aesthetic and technological significance. The “digital continuity” among all processes revolving around the development cycle is an essential condition, starting from the ideation and design phases to construction, distribution, and even predictive maintenance. This is the path that SolidWorld GROUP aims to facilitate, presenting itself as the only entity of its kind in Italy, capable of bringing together within its structure all digital and multidisciplinary competencies at the highest level. Visitors had the opportunity to closely observe all the powerful computer tools offered by the group; it’s a comprehensive itinerary that unfolds across various stages including three-dimensional mechatronic design, Internet of Things, virtual reality simulation, reverse engineering, chip removal, and additive manufacturing (3D printing).”

The proper digital supply chain for Industry 4.0

Building on a longstanding collaboration with Dassault Systèmes, SolidWorld GROUP was present as a significant partner in a joint demonstration area. The French multinational software company presented the project and realization of Poppy Humanoid, an ‘open source’ robot designed for the purpose of studying and researching human locomotion, also intended for artistic and educational purposes (the Poppy community develops robotic creation with prototypes that are easy to build, adapt, fine-tune, and share). This small humanoid robot was used to explain to the attendees at the booth how digital continuity and computer interconnection can enable phases of research and development, tuning, and testing, with an efficiency and certainty of results never seen before. The technologies showcased, starting from those of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and ending with the parts built in 3D printing, allow for obtaining a prototype in a fraction of the time previously required, eliminating costly and exhausting manual and physical attempts. Through simulation (virtual prototyping), the designer can visualize and analyze the movements, behaviors, and interactions of mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems. They can validate them, approve the developed software, optimize geometries for 3D printing, verify the quality of additive manufacturing processes, study material structures, as well as monitor, collect, and manage data during prototype usage. That’s why manufacturing companies must modernize and equip themselves with cutting-edge technologies, with a view to ‘Industry 4.0’, in order to gain or maintain competitiveness at the international level.
Poppy has been created through a continuous digital process, leveraging real-time shared data from all project and production operators. The robot stands 84 cm tall, weighs 3.5 kg, and utilizes 25 intelligent actuators.

3D Technology integrated into Technology Hub

  • 3D DIGITAL SCANNING with SolidEngineering and EVATRONIX reverse engineering solutions
  • ADVANCED DESIGN with SolidWorld and the most comprehensive SOLIDWORKS design solution
  • RAPID PROTOTYPING with Energy Group and STRATASYS and MAKERBOT 3D printing solutions
  • TOOLPATH SIMULATION with SolidCAM Italy and solutions for producing SOLIDCAM and IMACHINING