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Development and System Integration

Integrated solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP systems

Connect and integrate information systems

The product, along its life cycle, is enriched with data and information generated by multiple actors with different functions and information needs.

Frequently, particularly in well-established companies, different software and technologies are embraced to oversee various phases of product development. Integrating these solutions becomes a challenge, hindering seamless interaction.

Integr@ Premium Suite for information systems integration

Information systems integration is a crucial step that enables companies to deploy new business strategies and reduce time-to-market to address the competitive landscape. The goal is to gain flexibility and security in the use of information and applications. The full potential of these innovative solutions can only be realized through genuine integration, ensuring a seamless production process devoid of hiccups and friction points. We initiate this journey with our proprietary Integr@ software, tailoring the approach to address the unique needs of each company.

Integr@ Premium Suite is the most innovative and comprehensive advanced application platform on the market for PDM – 3D CAD data management.
Integrated with SOLIDWORKS, it leverages 25 years of expertise in effectively managing data within business and departmental systems. This extensive experience significantly enhances productivity, introducing innovative solutions, especially within the realm of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).


What is Integr@ Premium for?

Integr@ Premium suite for data management at all stages of industrial processes

Solid Innovation, a proud member of the SolidWorld GROUP, distinguishes itself by offering an extensive array of software products, scanners, and 3D printers. Our comprehensive solutions play a pivotal role in supporting the design, prototyping, and production processes of cutting-edge industrial products.

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